Ball joint

Ball joint

Ball joints are the pivot of the suspension system and must be maintained in good condition to ensure the proper functioning of the suspension of vehicle. As part of the vehicle's suspension ball joints are subject to wear throughout the life of the vehicle. The main factors that can contribute to fatigue are the road conditions, weather and vehicle load and changes in weight.


VeGa ball joints are made from high quality materials with special technology, covering the latest requirements of carmakers.
Some of main advantages of VeGa ball joints are:
Strength and durability due to high quality materials
Precise workmanship
Easy installation
Wide range
Ball joints are designed to provide independent movement of the parts of the vehicle's suspension according to the movement of vehicle wheel. This independent movement isolates movement of the wheel of the vehicle chassis and thus ensures smooth, quiet and comfortable ride. Ball joints are subject to constant load and therefore they must be inspected frequently to ensure optimal operation. Worn joints need replacement as they can lead to loss of control of the vehicle.


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