Track control arm

Track control arm

Control arms provide the connection between the vehicle chassis and its wheels. Thus they allow even when wheel is moving up and down, the chassis and passenger to remain still. The major components which are commonly found on control arm are rubber metal or rubber bushings and ball joints depending on the application.


VeGa track control arms are made from high quality materials with special technology, covering the latest requirements of carmakers.
Some of main advantages of VeGa track control arms are:
Strength and durability due to high quality materials
Precise workmanship
Easy installation
Wide range
Control arms have two main functions - supporting and guiding. In the supporting function control arms serve as supports, which distribute the weight of the vehicle on wheels. In the guide function they distribute forces transmitted from the wheel caused by braking, acceleration and other to the chassis of the vehicle. Often driving on bumps can damage control arms therefore it is recommended regular inspection to be done and replacement of the control arms if necessary.


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