Steering rod

Steering rod

The steering rod is part of the steering mechanism in a vehicle. A steering rod is a slender structural rod that is used as a tie and capable of carrying tensile loads only. It transmits force from the steering center link or the rack gear to the steering knuckle. This will cause the wheel to turn. The outer steering rod end connects with an adjusting sleeve, which allows the length of the rod to be adjustable. This adjustment is used to set a vehicle’s alignment angle.



VeGa steering rods are made from high quality materials with special technology, covering the latest requirements of carmakers.
Some of main advantages of VeGa steering rods are:
Strength and durability due to high quality materials
Precise workmanship
Easy installation
Wide range
Most modern vehicles use a steering system called rack and pinion, which incorporates steering rods to help move the wheels. Steering rods are attached on both ends of the steering rack and as the pinion rolls over the slotted rack, they help push and pull the front tires as the steering wheel is turned. They offer an important function to a vehicle's steering and therefore a car's overall safety.
Тhere are some warning signs to watch (and listen) for, which can show you if your steering rod needs replacement. If your vehicle pulls to one side while driving, or when braking, it's possible that bad steering rod may be the culprit. Your vehicle's tires will also show uneven wear on the inside and outside edge of the tire when there's a steering rod issue. However, one of the most noticeable signs of steering rods going bad will be a knocking sound coming from the front end of the vehicle when you turn into a parking space, or some other low speed, tight turning situation.


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