Stabilizer link

Stabilizer link

Stabilizer links are part of the suspension system of the vehicle. Stabilizer links are subjected to extremely high torque loads, and, because of their relatively small size, they will be one of the first parts in the suspension system to require servicing and replacement.

VeGa stabilizer links are made from high quality materials with special technology, covering the latest requirements of carmakers.
Some of main advantages of VeGa stabilizer links are:
Strength and durability due to high quality materials
Precise workmanship
Easy installation
Wide range
A stabilizer link transmits some of the lateral force exerted in a turn to the opposite side of the vehicle. This allows the body of the vehicle to stay stable, provides a more comfortable driving experience, and ensures better road handling. Depending on итс structure, stabilizer links can be divided into two types - the first type contains one or two ball joints which provide independent movement of the rest of the parts of the group, and in the second type the ball joints are replaced with rubber bushings. Worn stabilizer links affect steering and comfort of the passengers. Symptoms include a creaking or screeching noise as you pass road imperfections. It is recommended that if these signs appear, stabilizer links should be checked and replaced, as broken stabilizer links can lead to loss of control.


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