Anti-roll bar mountings

Anti-roll bar mountings

An anti-roll bar is a part of an automobile suspension that helps reduce the body roll of a vehicle during fast cornering or over road irregularities. It connects opposite (left/right) wheels together through short lever arms linked by a torsion spring. Anti roll bar is connected to the vehicle chassis by anti roll bar bushes which absorb the vibrations which are caused by the road roughness. They are made from rubber and as all the suspension parts are exposed to rough conditions. That is why it is very important for them to be regularly checked and replaced if necessary.


VeGa offers to its customers anti-roll bar mountings manufactured in accordance with the latest requirements of carmakers.
With VeGa anti-roll bar mounts you get:
Long life thanks to the high quality materials used in the manufacture           of VeGa mountings
Precise workmanship
Easy installation
A wide range covering 95% of the fleet
Anti roll bar is usually a torsion spring that resists body roll motions. It is usually constructed out of a wide, U-shaped cylindrical steel bar that connects to the body at two points, and at the left and right sides of the suspension. If the left and right wheels move together, the bar rotates about its mounting points. If the wheels move relative to each other, the bar is subjected to torsion and forced to twist. This way it transfers forces from a heavily-loaded axle to the opposite side Anti-roll bars provide two main functions. The first function is the reduction of body lean. The other function of anti-roll bars is to tune the handling balance of a car.
Replacing the Front Anti Roll Bar Bushes:
1. Raise the front of the car in the usual manner, following the usual safety precautions
2. The anti roll bar runs from side to side connected to links on the lower suspension arms; in addition, it is secured, buffered by bushes, to the underside of the car with two clamps and brackets. Using a wrench, remove the four nuts from the two clamps; the ARB will drop slightly (it’s still connected to the ARB suspension links).
3. At this point, the old bushes can be removed; clean down the anti roll bar and refit the new bushes, aligning them with the brackets.  Refit the clamps and tighten the bolts.


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