Rear axle mountings

Rear axle mountings

The rear axle refers to the drive axle which connects the rear wheels with a central differential, which is used to create proper distribution between both axle sides. Some rear axles connect with a crossbeam which just works to support the rear end of your vehicle, but this is only necessary for vehicles with front wheel drive. The rear axle bushes are an important part of your vehicle’s rear axle set up and should be in working order in order for you to drive your vehicle safely.


VeGa offers to its customers rear axle mountings manufactured in accordance with the latest requirements of carmakers.
With VeGa rear axle mounts you get:
Long life thanks to the high quality materials used in the manufacture           of VeGa mountings
Precise workmanship
Easy installation
A wide range covering 95% of the fleet
Everything joins together within the rear axle for it to work properly. Misalignment or part malfunction can cause your vehicle to tend to slide to a certain direction. While the rear axle bushes may seem like a minor piece, they play a major role.


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