Transmission mountings

Transmission mountings

A transmission mount, much like an engine mount, is designed to keep your vehicle's transmission system in place. It works in conjunction with the engine mount to control torque and vibrations in the vehicle. It reduces the amount of vibration transferred from the engine bay to the chassis.



VeGa offers to its customers transmission mountings manufactured in accordance with the latest requirements of carmakers.
With VeGa transmission mounts you get:
Long life thanks to the high quality materials used in the manufacture           of VeGa mountings
Precise workmanship
Easy installation
A wide range covering 95% of the fleet
In most cases, the mount is located underneath the front end of the vehicle's frame on the driver's side, which exposes it to the elements - such as rain, snow and dirt - that can lead to damage and wear.
If the transmission mount breaks, it will cause a loss of stability in the area surrounding the break point. A broken mount will be unable to absorb the driveshaft vibrations.
What Happens When a Transmission Mount Breaks?
Increased vibration
Damaged mount can cause rupture of the main mounts holding the engine, increasing the total vibrations to the chassis.
Misalignment of the drive shaft
It is possible to get misalignment, because of this could as result in damage in joints of the relevant shafts and main shaft.
Damage to chassis
Because the chassis is heavy in itself, the damaged mount causes increased vibration in transmission. Their weight can damage the chassis.


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