Wiper blades

Wiper blades

Wipers are part of vehicle equipment that provides comfortable and safe driving. Whether it's raining, snowing, or you just need to clear a dirty windscreen, having wiper blades that aren't working at their best could put you in danger. Clear vision is essential to prevent accidents on the road. 

As a part of the wiper system for cleaning the windows of the car, their daily use leads to their wearing and need of replacing. It's advised that windscreen wipers should be replaced every 12 months to ensure good visibility and safe driving.


With VeGa wiper blades  you receive:
Perfect cleaning along entire length of the blade
Long life - thanks heavy duty rubber and graphite treatment
Easy installation - thanks to 7 multifunctional adapter, covering 95% of         the applications
Quiet operation - thanks to the unique composition of the rubber,                 allowing smooth motion without jumping
Aerodynamic design makes it stable even at high speeds
The main task of the wipers is to ensure maximum visibility through the glass, removing the water, snow, dirt and insects from it. What wipers actually do is not only to remove water from the surface of the glass. In fact, they smooth thin water layer on the surface of the glass and thus ensure the passage of light without refraction. Since the wipers are exposed to weathering 24 hours a day, regardless of their work process, their aging and wear starts immediately after their installation. The main factors that influence the process of aging is sunlight, mechanical impurities like mud and dirt, low temperatures and the chemical elements contained in cleaning products. If you start to see wet spots or streaks on the surface of the glass is time to replace your wipers.
When wipers have to be changed?
1. In the presence of snick and lines - the reason probably is pollution,             dirt and insects, which have damaged the wiper’s rubber
2. Remain uncleaned areas - this usually happens when clamping bar               bent or deformed wiper, because wiper stay longer parked at high               temperature
3. In niggling and / or creaking - usually because of destroyed chemical           structure of the wiper rubber, leading to cracks and breakage 
4. Left transverse line - possible due to occurred corrosion or excessive clearance of the frame due to mechanical wear


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