Brake system

Brake hoses

Brake hoses

Brake hoses are part of the braking system of the vehicle. They are specially designed flexible hoses with metal fittings that are used to transfer brake fluid under high pressure to the brake cylinders at each wheel.

VeGa offers its customers brake hoses with high quality and wide range, made of premium materials.
With brake hoses VeGa you get:
Long exploitation period thanks to high quality materials used in the             manufacture of brake hoses VeGa
Sasy installation
Precise workmanship
The entire brake system is filled with brake fluid which under pressure, built by the brake piston pump through the brake hose reaches all four wheels. Because the fluid is transported at high pressure, the strength of the brake hoses is essential. Any cracks or leakage of brake fluid could lead to a drop in pressure of the brake system and from there to intrusion in the performance of braking system as a whole. Brake hoses should be replaced promptly if any cracks appear. Checking the brake hose is required to ensure the functionality of the brake system. It is advisable to check them out at every technical inspection and replacement of brake pads.
Brake hoses rarely need to be replaced unless they are compromised by certain factors. Manufacturer defects can cause the walls of the hoses to be soft creating a problem for the vacuum system. Soft or inefficient brake hoses can also cause the brake pedal to drag. Using low quality brake fluid with a low boiling point can cause certain problems as well including dragging or soft brake pedals.


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