Engine mountings

Engine mountings

The majority of engine mountings are made of metal and rubber. Time, heat and chemicals affect the properties of rubber and can lead to total destruction of the mounting. Therefore timely replacement of the engine mountings ensures proper operation of the engine and passenger and driver comfort.

VeGa offers to its customers engine mountings manufactured in accordance with the latest requirements of carmakers.
With VeGa engine mounts you get:
Long life thanks to the high quality materials used in the manufacture           of VeGa mountings
Precise workmanship
Easy installation
A wide range covering 95% of the fleet
Engine mounting has several functions: first, it serves to attach the engine to the chassis of the car, secondly, it is an insulator, preventing the transmission of noise and vibrations from the engine to the driver and passengers, and in many cases serves to correct positioning of the engine in the engine compartment. Failure of the engine mounting can cause engine to be shifted, which can lead to difficulty in changing gears of the car. After replacing the mountings always check engine that all linkages involved in switching gears are mounted properly.
How to know when engine mount have to be changed?
You will need to replace motor mounts if your engine begins to shake. Correctly functioning engine motor mounts are extremely important for the smooth and optimal functioning of your vehicle's engine. Normal wear and tear over the years lose its absorption qualities, which insist it’s replacement.


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