Filter, interior air

Filter, interior air

Cabin filter is a pleated paper filter which task is to filter outside air flow for the passenger compartment.

VeGa filters are:
Made of high quality materials
Very good filtration, to reduce engine wear
Cover the requirements of automobile manufacturers
Some of these filters are rectangular; others are uniquely shaped to fit the available air intake of certain motor vehicles. As a relatively new addition to automobile equipment, this filter is often overlooked and can greatly reduce the efficiency of air conditioning and heating of vehicle.
Cabin filters are two types:
It is made of thin paper material. Paper material consists of several layers to create a filter that allows air to pass, but at the same time captures particles such as dust and dirt. When outside air is introduced into the system for climate control in the car, the air flow first passes through the cabin filter. These filters remove particulates from the air, along with some harmful gases.
Carbon cabin filters are similar to the standard filters. The only major difference is that except the thin layers of paper, they also contain a thin layer of activated carbon. Due to its porous structure, activated carbon has the ability to absorb odor. 
Clogged cabin filters can significantly reduce airflow in the passenger compartment, and also can lead to introduction of allergens in the compatment. 


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