Multi-ribbed belt

Multi-ribbed belt

Multi-ribbed belt is very important to engine performance because some of the main aggregates are actuated by it. It is advisable to carry out regular inspections of the condition of the belt and, if necessary, to be replaced promptly. It is desirable with the change of the belt to be changed also the tensioner and idler pulleys associated with it. It is recommended that the replacement of the belt and pulleys must be done after every 50,000 km.

VeGa multi-ribbed belts are made of high quality materials with special technology, covering the latest requirements of carmakers.
With multi-ribbed belts VeGa you get:
Better resistance to grease, oil and moisture
Good traction and reduced noise value
Increased resistance to wear caused by friction
Precise craftsmanship ensures precise synchronization
Used high-quality materials, ensuring strength, flexibility and durability
Wide range
Multi-ribbed belt is a flat belt with longitudinal V-shaped channels that are designed to increase traction. It combines the high flexibility of flat belt with premium power transmission of V-belt. There are many types of multi-ribbed belts, depending on the material they are made, the way of production and the speed at which they can be used. Multi-ribbed belts are used in combination with appropriate washers and rolls that fit the profile and size of the belt.
Strictly follow the instructions given by vehicle manufacturer!


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